Who Am I?

By day, I spend my time as a Staff Engineer at Blue Apron.

When work is out, I spend my time bouncing between my varied, and sometimes contradictory interests.

As a long time powerlifter, I spend a great deal of time  working hard in the gym.

As a lover of food, I am constantly in search of new places that will let me taste new and interesting foods and desserts. I tend to have a weakness for Asian cuisine, and Arabian desserts.

In the more traditional geek role, I dabble in all things technology. Anything from experimenting with linux server administration and networking, to trying out whatever new programming language or framework has caught my attention.

Whenever I have precious down time, I attempt to chronicle my experiences  just in case there are any like minded individuals out there that might benefit from reading of my exploits.

If you would like to enjoy other insights into my life, feel free to check me out elsewhere on the web:

Note: In the interest of my continued gainful employment I should point out that “any views or opinions presented on this site are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company.”