Customizing Yo’ Shit (For Development) Part 3: Emacs

Welcome again one and all, for another enthralling edition of Customizing Yo’ Shit with your favorite blogger on this site, Rami J. Massoud! I know this series has been like a bad anime, just stretching out content to fill as much time as possible.


Now whatever could I be talking about...

But that’s what happens when you go for quantity right?

Well now we come to the most exciting entry, customizing your emacs experience! For this special occasion, I have once again posted my configs on Github (don’t thank me all at once). I will have to admit that the configs are not all mine, they are more of a Frankenstein’s Monster, an amalgamation (aww yeaa S.A.T. words!) of the emacs configs harvested from my fine, upstanding, co-workers.

What I do have to bring to the table is the most basic of starter tips for those trying to setup emacs: key mapping. If you haven’t noticed a trend in these posts, my game plan is to be as productive as possible, while being as lazy as possible. I believe that’s called efficiency.


Yes...let's go with efficiency here.

Really it’s pretty simple, just a (define-key global-map (kbd "<Key Combo>") '<Command>) replacing <Key Combo> with any plaine text key combination (with capital C for ctrl and capital M for meta/alt) and <Command> with your command of choice, pretty much anything you can run with M-x. Also note that keys that are to be pressed together are connected with a hyphen: C-c.

Again for some handy-dandy examples from my configs:


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