I Hate Finding A New Bank

If you haven’t heard, HSBC is packing up and leaving Upstate New York, with all of their branches and associated customers being turned over to First Niagara. This after I have been banking with with HSBC for close to 6 years, makes me a little uneasy.

The reason I stuck with HSBC as my main bank for so long, was that they offered a lot of cool, modern, features and tools. Not to undervalue the fact that they have branches everywhere around here, but it was the fact that they made it easy for me to do what I need to at pretty much any time day or night. Typically my biggest issue with banking will be trying to deposit money during the hours they are closed through an ATM, and experience that HSBC has got down to a science.

I have to admit, for a while I have been looking at alternatives for my banking needs, trying to keep my money local after the fiasco that the conglomeration of the larger banks got this country into (looking at you BoA). Problem with moving to a smaller bank, is that they have less invested into making their customer’s lives easier, or simply: their ATMs and online banking suck. Right now I have accounts with 2 local banks, Trustco and SEFCU and both of them are incredibly annoying for my day to day needs so far.

All of this boils down to how much trying to find a new bank sucks, especially since you can’t “try before you buy” to check out what their online situation and see how easy to use it is (ahem SEFCU and their notorious 6 character passwords). For now I am hoping that First Niagara also inherits some of HSBC’s sweet online banking mojo, but who knows how this will all play out. Certainly not I.

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