Downfall of Society: Sitting

After working so hard to try and achieve the “American dream,” seems that it’s killing us. This is some bullshit and really grinds my gears, since it means once you hit grade school you are completely boned.

Unless I am some sort of crazy abnormality (which in this specific case I highly doubt I am), the game plan that is driven into you is that you: study hard in grade school, go to college, study hard in college, find a comfy “middle-class” office job, work hard, then retire. Want a non-office job that allows for a more active, hands on day-to-day routine? Don’t want to go to college? What’s wrong with you, are you an idiot!?

Anyway, the end result of this life you are indoctrinated into wanting, is that you do a serious amount of sitting; mix in being a gamer, a programmer, awesomeness that is Netflix streaming, and that is a recipe for disaster. I mean just look at this spiffy infographic, obviously we are all going to die:

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Okay so now that the drama is out of the way, what is the game plan here? As far as I have found, the only real solution for us office grunts is switching to a sweet gadget alternative: a sit-stand desk. An obvious problem arises if you take a gander at the link there, the price. Don’t think that you can really cheap out here either; all of those desks have some sort of mechanism with a weight limit that keeps everything at the right height, one that if it fails will take out some expensive computer equipment.

Who knows, if I am feeling generous, maybe I will share my plans for making my own economical and badass sit/stand desk. For some ideas now, check Lifehacker for what some other people have resorted to so they can live a little longer.

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