The Bandwagon

I have finally taken the plunge, and decided to pick up ruby as the newest bullet point on the resume. I figured since I work with a bunch of PHP developers who wish they were ruby developers, and know tons of ruby developers who love being ruby developers, I wanted to see what all the hype was about.


Seems I'm a little late to the party.

Just navigating to the documentation, I was very impressed by the polish and the fanfare. You can tell just from the main site, how passionate the community and creators are about what they do. First thing I checked out was the To Ruby From PHP section to see what kind of quirks I am going to have to get used to while looking at and writing ruby code. Here are the aspects of the language that I know I will forget, and will suffer for it in debugging:

  • There’s strong typing.
  • Hashes and arrays are not interchangeable
  • It’s nil not null
  • Only false and nil are false: 0, array() and "" are all true in conditionals
  • It’s elsif not else if

Hopefully the list stays that short, but who knows what will happen once I really start to get my hands dirty. Thankfully for my overall enjoyment and sanity, working through Ruby in Twenty Minutes, and Ruby & RoR Programming Tutorials make it seem that I won’t come out of this experience too worse for wear.

Now to shore up the fortifications against all those angry pythonistas for not going back and improving my python skills instead.


Uh oh

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