Being a Successful Idiot

I started off trying to write this post last night with a long and complicated explanation of my experience when I first got my job. I scraped all of that in favor of something much simpler: when I started out as a real world developer (see: getting paid) I was an idiot. But please don’t misunderstand me here, I am still an idiot. The day I stop being an idiot is the day I die because, you know… I’ll be dead.


Eh, not impressed with the google image results this time

Thankfully for me, my overall financial health, and those I work for/with, I don’t let that stop me from doing my job. Frankly I would say that most people, not even just those in software development, but everyone, is in the same boat as me though. The difference between an unsuccessful idiot and their successful counterpart is what they do about it. I spend every day trying to learn new things about my craft, be that studying the code I am trying to fix or improve, reading some articles, or just talking to another developer. All of these things, especially the last, are mandatory to be one of the successful idiots.

Some other “wisdom” I have to offer:

  • Meet up with developers, hang out where they do. Be social and bullshit.
  • Troll github, google code, and whatever else you can to see what people are doing.
  • Experiment and do stupid stuff, no matter what it is (programming/tech related that is)
  • Customize your shit!! Figure out what editor you want to use and what OS, then bend them to your will to make your life easier.
  • All the things this guys says: Letter to a Young Developer I just stumbled upon that article and he already seems smarter than I am.

That’s pretty much all I have, but take it with a grain of salt. I did just write a whole post stating that I am an idiot after all.


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