Car Insurance Sucks

I am starting to seriously consider changing the name of this blog to “Rami Complains About Random Shit,” but hopefully now that some of the madness that has been my August thus far has died down, I can start writing more detailed posts about tech stuff. Anyway, as some may know, recently my lease on my Volkswagen Passat has expired and I was forced to buy a new car.


After a thorough search, it seems I have no pictures of my old Passat

After much deliberation and crying over having to drain so much of my funds for a down payment, today was supposed to be a happy day, the day I pick up my nice shiny new car! Unfortunately for me, my euphoria over the event would not be allowed to continue for long. Don’t get me wrong, Dan Stein and all the great folks over at Capital Citites Imported Cars did a fantastic job dealing with my various eccentricities, and finding me the perfect car I wanted for the budget I was on.

The party pooper in all of this was the insurance company. They managed to call me an hour before I was picking up the car, at the height of my anticipation, to inform me they were switching my policy, and the rates were getting jacked up to around double what I was paying before. With that being a steaming pile of garbage I refuse to accept, I have already begun the process of finding a new insurance company. Here is hoping that I can salvage some of the joy I was experiencing before that call by taking my business elsewhere. </angry rant>

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