Being Less People

The hopeful before and after
A future before and after?

I figured I would hold off on writing up something about my drive to turn my health around until I achieved my goal but what the hell, I can at least discuss some of the things I have accomplished thus far.

I have always been a “bigger” guy, luckily in height, but less luckily in weight. I decided to change that, setting an insane goal of losing 100lbs in the span of a year. I have seen so many accomplish that and more, so I decided to really push for it once I hit my all-time high of 335lbs.

After spending some time on the fitness sub-reddit something the peaked my interest was a “lifestyle program” I guess is a good descriptor, called Cheat Mode. I am not going to go into any great detail on the specifics of Cheat Mode, for that you can look at the guide as Silverhydra does a fantastic job going over all of the steps, effects, and science backing it. The cliff notes version is this:

  • Maintain an intense strength training regiment preferably working 3 days a week
    • On workout days fast for around 16 hours (including sleep time), nothing but water, tea, and coffee (no sugar)
    • Few hours before workout eat a light meal consisting of vegetables and protein (no sugars or grain)
    • After workout eat a meal consisting of the rest of the days calories with a good amount of carbs (lots of carbs little fat)
  • On off days eat paleo or something similar, lots of fat and protein with little to no carbs

Pretty simple rules to follow, and luckily for me I have no aversion or difficulty with fasting so Cheat Mode seemed like the ideal experiment to start off my grand adventure.

I have been working out regularly and following the Cheat Mode program for 3 months to the day, and so far I am really happy with the results. As far at the scale tells me I have not gotten too far, only down to 315lbs, but the way I look and feel tell a different story. Even though my weight may be stable, my body composition most certainly is not. Even without formal testing, it is pretty obvious considering my consistent personal records each day at the gym that I have been putting on significant amounts of muscle and chipping away at my fat stores.

If things go according to plan, my 25th birthday next year will be a great one indeed.

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