Musical Misery

Since I got my Droid, one of the best perks has been the plethera of options for streaming music. Nothing makes the work day better than listening to good music and discovering new bands in the process.

Well maybe if any of the damn apps actually worked!

So the apps that I have tried out so far are: Slacker, Pandora, and Sirius/XM. As a disclaimer, I am fully aware that the Sirius/XM app is only a beta so I cannot hold it to as high a standard as the other apps.

If I was a good thorough, fair, and balanced writer this is where I would rattle through each app describing the strengths and weaknesses. Thankfully I am none of those things, so I will just skip toward what I hate about each. For the longest time (see: three months) I was perfectly with Pandora, after that I just started to get…bored with the variety of music that I was getting on a lot of my stations. Enter Slacker Radio! Slacker has a much better feature set compared to Pandora, but that doesn’t really mean much when it is constantly crashing. As funny as this is to say; Slacker, you guys need to get your shit together! When I am listening to music I should not have the app die when I do something as simple as look at a text message I just received!

In a class all it’s own, is the Sirius/XM app; that poor, poor, buggy satellite music app. Now of course, like I said before, the app is in beta so it should get certain…allowances, except when you are paying for this buggy and underwhelming privilege. Above and beyond the absurd amount I pay a month for satellite radio, Sirius/XM insists that I dole out an extra $2.99/Mo to use the app, admittedly as part of their package to music beamed to you through the internet instead of from space. Now with that rant out of the way; the app itself not only crashes constantly, but the audio quality will fluctuate wildly during use. In summation I am saying that the app and service so far is garbage and wait until it is a little more refined before dishing out the cash.

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