Apache Idiocy

So I seem to learn a lot of lessons the hard way lately, smashing my head into a problem like it is a brick wall. At least until my google-fu powers kick in and I finally find a clue to my issue.

What was it this time? What new found way have I driven myself to the brink of insanity? Apache’s mod_rewrite and this one line in my site config:

AllowOverride None

The revelation that the google-fu provided me was that this one line in my directory directives was stopping all of my efforts to get rewrite rules working. Once removed, everything worked just fine.

The lesson here boys and girls of the internets is that just copy and pasting default configs without really understanding what everything does is a dangerous path, one that will only lead to misery. Hopefully this information will find some wayward soul faster than it did me and save them a lot of frustration!

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