Fundamental Failure of The nook

I finally took some time out of my busy schedule to check out the B&N nook app for Android, and all it seems to have done is further infuriate me about how the nook handles your markup for your books.

Across devices and platforms the data for your eBooks; bookmarks, highlights, and notes are not saved to your account, only locally. This makes no sense to me whatsoever! What idiot thought up the use case for this?! We are in a time where everything should be seamless, if a device has internet access and a service requires an account, then your data should sync across devices and platforms.

One of the audiences eBook readers seem to be targeting heavily is students; especially college students. Who, as I know all too well, are required to buy hundreds of dollars worth of text books every year, then carry them around just in case the professor references something from them. So far my experience with my nook, the convince of it compared especially to a large text book, would make it less of a hassle to actually read for class, instead of frantically skimming when I absolutely need to (don’t judge me, you know you did it too!) Of course the reduced cost, the more eco-friendly format and the search features of reading an eBook all come into play as well. But the simple lack of syncing user added book information, in my mind, renders this audience alienated. Some may think I am an idiot being dramatic, but I believe that the most common scenarios in which the nook would be used as a study guide require cross device syncing.

For example; while working on a homework assignment you view the textbook on your laptop, using the search functionality to quickly find the relevant sections. You then highlight the important text and make whatever notes you like. When reviewing for an exam later you can review these highlights/notes as a study guide.

Ehhhh I don’t feel like actually thinking up a bunch of hypothetical examples. I just want to put out into the inter-ether that it is idiotic for me to have the ability to read my eBooks on 2 devices, but only if I remember the exact page I was on (probably sentence too considering the difference in amount of text that can be rendered.) In addition to this; if I highlight some text, whether it be in a book for class, or just because I find a passage particularly amusing, I should be able to reference it wherever I can access the book.

I would put money that this feature is nonexistent because of ridiculously strict DRM policies put in place by content owners. Further proving the infuriating nature of DRM to paying consumers…

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