Of Firmware and eReaders

I don’t think I can say enough about how my nook has become my favorite gadget. With it, I have been powering through the Wheel of Time series faster than I ever thought possible. My more cynical friends like to call shenanigans on me for saying this, believing that nothing can beat a real book, but the convenience of an eReader over regular books cannot be denied. Although I am rambling again…what I really wanted to discuss was the new update:

The video pretty well sums up the changes, especially with visuals of the user interface changes, but it doesn’t seem to emphasize the noticeable improvement to the eInk page refresh. When I first got the nook it took some getting used to to not be bothered by the fairly slow and distracting page refresh when changing pages. After this update I feel that the page refresh has improved significantly, which goes a long way to improving the user experience, not only to seasoned users, but also to those just getting a nook who will not have to deal with the distractions of the previous software versions.

As a side note, my previous concerns about “burn in” on the eInk screen seem to have been for naught. During the update process the nook did a complete restart and when it shut down the screen was once again completely blank and pristine as though it just came out of the box.

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