Flavors Of Albany: Yoshi Sushi

Another weekend, another restaurant in my Flavors Of Albany series. This time I ventured to Yoshi Sushi located at 640 New Loudon Rd Latham, NY after discovering it on yelp.

After Sushi Tei, I have to say that I had very high expectations walking into Yoshi Sushi that unfortunately for my compatriots and myself, it failed to live up to said expectations. My first issue was the lack of variety and specialties in the menu, which lacked many of the Japanese mainstays like the typical noodle, tempura and varieties of teas. My favorite part of trying a new restaurant, especially one with sushi on the menu, is trying the specialty rolls, the specialties that really show what the Chef can do. Yoshi Sushi unfortunately did not seem to have any specialty rolls, and nothing that really varied from the standard sushi rolls. The rest of the experience seemed in line with the lack of variety theme; very boring minimal decorations and atmosphere. All of this would have been perfectly fine if they were all about the sushi and it was the best I ever had, but underwhelming is the best way I think I could describe the sushi.

The general experience left me feeling like Yoshi Sushi is more of a takeout place than a sit down restaurant, and just did not live up to my expectations. If you are in the mood for sushi in the Capital region I would recommend skipping making a stop at Yoshi Sushi.

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