Flavors Of Albany: Sushi Tei

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a restaurant/food critic by any means,but I am fairly picky with what I eat and love to try new places/cuisines. Lately, many of my friends and co-workers have been turning to me for advice on restaurants so I figured I would throw my humble opinions out there for any unfortunate soul person who stumbles upon my site to see. Hopefully this will give me some material to write about where I don’t feel like I am writing a book on a subject I barely understand that can be rather complex and have some semi-regular posts.

A few months ago I got the crushing news that my go-to restaurant for sushi and Japanese cuisine in the Capital District, Saso’s, closed down. So I will start off with a place that I tried last week in a desperate attempt to find a new favorite sushi/Japanese cuisine spot; Sushi Tei on 1800 Western Avenue, Albany, NY which I discovered thanks to yelp. Sushi Tei has a very nice overall feel to it, small and welcoming with a very nice Japanese theme, and great staff and service.

Sushi Tei is a traditional Japanese restaurant located in Albany, NY.We feature fresh, healthy Japanese food (eat in or take-out). Wine, sake and various imported beers are also available for your refreshment.

As it was my first time dining at Sushi Tei, I decided to indulge myself in a few of their tastier sounding specialty rolls and a noodle entrée, an expensive and almost overwhelming amount of food. The first dish that came out was the noodle dish; a delicious looking ShrimpTempura Udon with the tempura on the side so it did not get soggy in the broth along with a personal bottle of spice for those who want some heat. The noodle dish was amazing; both the noodles and broth delicious and more filling than I expected. Next in the queue was the specialty rolls, the 007 Roll;Fried spicy tuna, avocado, caviar, scallion and chef’s special sauce” and the Tiger Roll;Fresh salmon on topof spicy tuna” which were some of the most delicious rolls I have ever eaten, especially the 007 Roll which has now become my favorite roll by far.

007 Roll

Now we come down to the important part: the cost. My meal ended upcosting me around $35 without tip which is a little pricey for one person, at least until you take into consideration the above average amount of food I ordered this time around. The Shrimp Tempura Udon could have easily filled me up alone and that was only around $9.00, while non-specialty sushi rolls are also quite affordable as far as standard sushi prices go. All in all I thought Sushi Tei was a great experience; with great food, atmosphere, and a decent price. I highly recommend anyone in the mood for sushi or Japanese cuisine to try it out for themselves.

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