The Wondrous World of Customer “Service”

I have written about my most recent gadget acquisition, the nook by Barnes & Noble and how enamored I have been with it. As usual, the fact that I own a nook makes me interested in what other people are saying about it and what their experiences have been like.

I recently stumbled upon an article where the author ranted about the Barnes & Noble’s horrible customer service in regard to his purchase of a nook, and advocated not purchasing one so that you can spare yourself the pain and frustration the author went through. Some of his reasons were as follows:

Barnes & Noble have, without a doubt, the worst customer service of any company I have dealt with in the past decade.

They’ve made repeated promises to me that they’ve failed to keep and told me that it’s my fault. They’ve put out “press releases” about how generously they were taking care of the customers whose nooks failed to arrive for Christmas and then turned around and flatly refused to honor that promise.

Now, I am in no way trying to say that Barnes & Noble is in the right here. They definitely dropped the ball pretty badly when it came this guy’s order, but does one customer’s poor experience justify damning the whole company? What about the thousands of other customers that have had great experiences with their nook purchase? In this instance, it seems that the core issue revolves around the fact that the nook, the newest shiny toy gadget is in very high demand and has been on back order since it’s release. All it takes is one person in a line of probably hundreds to make a mistake and not own up to it, and someone doesn’t get her/his nook on time (maybe not even at all). That’s what seems to have happened here, and in this case the customer got shafted by not getting the discounts promised for “customer satisfaction” but in the end he did end up getting a nook regardless.

So back to my original point; yes Barnes & Noble screwed up this guy’s buying experience, but what about the actual product itself? Is that really enough reason for the nook to be demonized and Barnes & Noble boycotted? Every company has its demons/skeletons because of the simple fact that when dealing with the general public, no one can make everyone happy. I have been very happy with not only my nook, but the entire experience; the purchase, the timely delivery (my nook actually came in almost a week early), purchasing and reading books; all have been fantastic so far.

don’t really know what’s next for me and the nook. I can tell you that Barnes & Noble are never getting another dime of my money. I hope you think twice before giving them any of yours.

Now I must admit that working for almost five years on the Geek Squad and being on the other side of this has influenced my opinions; but when it comes down to it, if you are going to boycott a company every time you have a bad experience, you better save yourself some time and wasted effort and just get a small shack in the woods and live off the grid.

Now it is time for me to get back to enjoying my android based eReader that does everything I expected and more flawlessly so far.

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