The Magic Of The eReader

I have had my nook for almost a week now, and I must say it is more amazing than I hoped.

Before I go blathering on about what I like about it I will just bring up some minor gripes that have come up. The touch screen seems a little too touchy to me, where it can be difficult to scroll or select the correct menu option. This may be because of the size of the screen vs. the size of my gigantic meat paws hands, but it can still be annoying. While the eInk screen refreshes between pages and images the screen “flashes” blacking out, then redrawing the screen. In itself this is a minor annoyance that you get used to after some use, but it seems to be a consistent comment I get about how annoying it is. Now the only real concern that I have so far is that the eInk screen seems to get some sort of “burn in”, like the occurrence common with plasma televisions. So far the ghost text has not been a distraction while reading, but it has only been a week… If I am lucky this is just a normal part of the technology and it does not get any worse.

Other than those fairly minor issues the nook is fantastic. The eBook library is great, and I have been able to find all the books I was looking to read saving three to four dollars a book (which adds up with how much I read). Along with that I have also found that I read noticeably faster with the nook compared to regular books. This could be my imagination, or my unhealthy enthusiasm over having a new gadget. Whatever it is I feel that I have been flying through books, which when reading a fourteen book series, can make you feel like your task is not so…monumental

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