The Great Battle Of The eReaders

So I finally took the plunge into the world of eReaders. These days there seem to be a wealth of choices when it comes to eReaders, but I decided on the Barnes&Noble nook. When it came down to it the only REAL options were the nook or the Kindle since both are backed up by impressive libraries with free near instant book downloads.

From all the various reviews I read, it seemed that eReaders all have the same displays and from what I could see Barnes&Noble and Amazon both have fairly comparable ebook libraries. I admit that I was slightly swayed by the nook having the secondary color display that even had a “cover flow” feature showing all the books in your library, but that was not what convinced me to choose it over the Kindle.

No, what made me side with the nook was the ability to go into any Barnes&Noble and be able to have complete access to any ebook for free while in the store. Some may think this is a stupid reason to go with the nook when you can just wander around the store and read actual books if you like. Though there is something to be said about sitting down in the Barnes&Noble coffee shop and browsing on a nook while waiting for a movie to start. Another coming feature I heard talk about is the partnering with libraries to allow people to check out ebooks for a period of time for free, just like a regular book. This would be amazing, and a welcome end to late fees for forgetting to bring a book back in time. To me these features show a push on Barnes&Noble’s side to move toward less oppressive DRM for ebooks, something I am very in favor of. As we make the inevitable move to digital media, freedom is what will drive innovation and rapid adoption, and as soon as content providers realize that the better we will all be.

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