Moving Is Always A Blast!

Well…it never seems like I have enough time to update my blog, there always seems to be one thing or another going on in my life.

I have just moved back in with my parents for the time being, which after a year and a half of rent and bills, is a welcome relief to my bank account. The only down side to the whole deal was the actual act of moving all of my crap, which I knew was going to require a herculean effort on my part to actually get everything out. Nothing I couldn’t handle though, especially with the help of oh so many friends that owed me oh so many favors. Now the part that was the real wake up call was the moving in. It has been over two weeks now, and I am still trying to clean up and organize all my stuff which has become a task so daunting, that it is almost overwhelming.

All of this chaos has been fairly detrimental to my many side projects (like this blog), I have been most frustrated with the delays all of this has caused with my fledgling “startup” I have been working on for quite some time now. Since the move I have of course needed to set up my development servers again before I can start any coding projects, so I have created a temporary home for them in the basement. Until, of course, I can make a suitable space for them that is cool, dry, and above all else soundproof!

The coming weeks have much in store for me, I have to rewire my whole basement, not to mention clean and organize it all. Since I have to go through all this hassle, I might as well try something cool that might come in real handy later: structured wiring.

In one sentence Structured Wiring can be described as combining ALL of the communications wiring in your home and treating it as one wiring system. This can include wiring for a home network, telephone, video, audio, alarms, infrared remote control and anything else you choose to throw in.

Structured Wiring is very different than the older way of doing things.

Of course for now this will only apply to the basement wiring, but considering that I am planning on making a home theater in the basement, I better have some hard core wiring in place to handle that strain. From there I can slowly upgrade the wiring in the house so maybe I can vacuum the damn top floor without kicking the breaker because some moron when he was doing the addition decided it would be a fantastic idea to have every single damn socket and light connected to one breaker…

Well, that should be enough rambling for now. I will try to make my next post a conclusion to the Git post finally…

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