Spring Cleaning

It has been a ridiculously long time since I have been able to post…

In that time thought I have made some changes to my main site. I decided that I needed to consolidate the different CMSs I have been using a bit, maybe try something new. On the recommendation from a friend, I tried WordPress and so far I like it. The only thing that I miss about b2evolution is the ability to easily have multiple blogs on one site letting me have a linkblog that didn’t interfere with my regular one. I imagine that soon enough I will be able to get WordPress to let me do the same thing, I am already close with having a separate page that will list all the posts with category ‘link’.

Now I just have to finally finish my post on setting up a centralized Git source repository… well and another post about my experiences with setting up a subversion repository using a network file system mount! Hopefully that will be soon.

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