Blind Ambition

So I have had a web site for about a year and a half, and I have yet to do anything really productive and useful yet. Now I have learned a good amount about various content management systems by installing them and trying them out, hence why I have three separate systems installed; b2evolution for this blog, drupal for the main site, and zenphoto for my photo site. This of course in not a perfect solution since it does not really allow for a consistent feel through the site, but each app is pretty good at what it does.

Now my real dream is to learn PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails, or all of the above and create my own web apps to showcase on the site as an online resume. The issue is that something always seems to come up to take up all my time; whether that is work, school, or life in general. At work I am heavily relied on for my expertise, so during the summer I end up spending a huge amount of time at work taking care of a wide range of issues. At the same time I am attempting to earn my CCNA certification and pass the BSCI exam so that next semester I can earn my CCNP, leaving me with a LOT of reading and memorizing to do. On top of all this I have also been struggling to buy a solid car, which I thankfully have done and am very happy with my decision.

I realized just how badly I needed some solid development experience when I applied for an internship and was asked for coding samples, but all I had were various class projects that just seem lackluster. Then I was also informed that coding samples were even a second best compared to contributing to an open source project. This made me start looking into various programs that I use regularly and try to think of cool additions that I could make that would make them better to use. But again, the time investment needed to contribute to one of these projects seems overwhelming considering everything else on my plate.
A good thing, that will hopefully focus me on learning to create robust web apps, is that one of my good friends from RPI is the president of an environmental club that is in desperate need of a good site. Knowing that I have had an interest in site development and design, he contacted me to see if I would be interested in creating a site on the cheap (or free). So hopefully this opportunity will drive me to create some really cool stuff to put on display.


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