The End

So I finally made a decision on the whole car situation, I chose the Volkswagen Passat after much debate. I was lucky enough to have been brought to Capital Cities Imports by one of my friends, the first dealership I have ever been too where you really do feel like the employees care about customer service. The salesman not only gave me more for my trade in then any other dealership, but also gave me a great price on the car.

I am really happy with the decision I made, not only did I get a really sharp car, but because I decided to lease instead of buy I was able to trade in my poor Durango with nothing else down, and get a $30,000 car for almost as much a month as I was paying for my Durango.

But finally my adventure is over, and I have a beautiful new car that gets about 30 miles per gallon which is great compared to the 10-12 I was getting before. Hopefully I will have a MUCH better experience with this one then with the last…

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