The Great Car Debate

Now I have been trying to find a car to buy for almost a month and not only am I not any closer, but I am even more lost on what exactly I should buy. I have to say that the Passat is at the top of the list of my favorite cars right now. I love its style, performance, and luxurious feel, what I do not love is the price or the possibility that I could buy one riddled with the electrical problems the Volkswagens seem to be notorious for. The Nissan Altima is not even a choice at this point because I discovered that the Nissan dealership is the only one that does not offer a loaner car if yours goes in for warranty repair. But along with the Passat, I found the Hyundai and the Subaru Impreza Both of which are about six thousand dollars cheaper then both the Altima and the Passat and offer both great warranties and loaner cars during repair.

The catch is that the Hyundai and Subaru dealerships will only offer me around four thousand dollars for my Durango compared to eight thousand from the other dealerships. This further complicates things in that the net cost of the car after everything doesn’t really change much from car to car, but leaves me with a significant car payment that I don’t want since I will be stepping down to part time at the end of August.

All in all I am as indecisive as ever over what I want, what I do know is that I do not want to continue filling up my gas guzzling Durango as gas prices creep ever close to five dollars a gallon…

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